Little book of etiquette

Think of all the rules our children must put up with in their first years of life!
They risk being completely overwhelmed by mustn’t-be-dones and similar pleasantries.

STOP! Don’t get us wrong: we are great fans of rules. We need them to keep order; they are character building; they make us understand the value of waiting and discipline; they help us accept the fact we cannot always do what we want because there is a right time and way to do everything.
What if rules didn’t hit children full-on like bricks for a change? How about making them a bit lighter to digest? Wouldn’t that be better?!
This is why we ha we gone wild!
6 cards with our animal characters: here’s our little book of etiquette for children!
Collect all 6 of them!
Place them in the hall where you hang your coats, or in the bathroom near the toothbrushes!
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Universal Children’s Day

Hear ye, hear ye! We’ve been told it’s universal children’s day today.
With a mild guilty feeling because we knew nothing about it, we quickly got some information: the usual rights, the same old words and talks heard over and over again.
Please excuse our slight cynicism, but the guilty feeling didn’t take much to vanish.
Excuse us – once again – for lacking of tact, but everyone has their talents and relative applications. Learn More

Like a (prairie) dog

Teletext – subtitles to the video

I’m off.
Wait, where are you going?
I’ve got some important business to take care of. Duty first.
What if it’s dangerous, don’t you care about me? Do you really want to leave me here on my own?
My siblings are in trouble and I must run. It’s in the DNA of family relationships, it is true for prairie dogs as well.
I’ll come with you.
It’s out of the question. Give me a kiss and let’s get this heartbreaking good-by over and done with. We’re on camera, they’re recording us… We’re not show-offs! Let’s show some aplomb.

(she remains silent, racked by this farewell. He sweetly kisses her nose, as if it were the only part of her face showing between a hat and a scarf in a cold winter afternoon)

Prairie dogs are not common animals.
Bet you any money half of you, as we’re writing this, have already searched to see what they look like. Still, here’s a live moment of the life of one of them, it could be Fine. It’s a stolen and tender moment, like a scene inside a train station, at the bus stop or in an airport, one that everybody has lived.
If you would like to read their story and find out what trouble the two brothers are up to, all you have to do is download our app and our “Three Prairie Dogs” tale!
Look for Joy Tales in the app Store: we’re waiting for you!


And so it is, our animals have given in to the idea of dressing-up, too, just for fun.
We’ve let them, but only for today. Then, quickly back to their usual habits, back to their respective stories and normal routine. Tab with his unmistakable white coat, Camelia with her brown patches.

Like jokes, never take a party too far! If it were an everyday thing, what fun would there be?!
Now, you know we like to go against the tide. Because of this, to keep well-trained, we would like to suggest an alternative way to celebrate Halloween. WEEN-HELLO-GOODBYE Learn More

Change of season

Here comes Autumn, the days are shorter and we get to sleep one more hour (by the way, LEGAL TIME IS CHANGING INTO SOLAR on Sunday, remember to turn your clocks BACK one hour).
Our woollies have taken the place of shorts and flip-flops inside the wardrobe, certainly not because of the temperature inside the office though. The heating makes you think a macaque could suddenly pop out from behind the coffee machine holding a banana! A change is in the air here at JT, too: we are not going to tell you what’s brewing yet, just know lots of novelties will be coming up! What novelties?
Small ones and big ones, local and global!

Keep on following us and you’ll soon find out more!