Lot, Few and Fine

If you’re having trouble setting the rule of eating a bit of everything with your children at the table, and each time you must get ready to a battle of “one more spoonfuls” (implored like a death row person cries out for mercy) try reading them the story of the three prairie dogs, Fine, Lot and Few…

Bet you any money they will think twice before eating too much or too little again!
Dinner time.
A table, a dish. It looks like a scene out of a Western movie: it’s you and your kids. But you have forks instead of guns in your hands. Each one has a different problem: some reckon that even a second serving is not enough, whining about how hungry they still are; others refuse to eat more than a couple of noodles – meaning they don’t want to know about eating a third one – after you’ve spent all your time cooking for them.
And we haven’t mentioned vegetables yet…!
Lot, Few and Fine are the protagonists of the next story on the stocks at Joy Tales. The story is about three little brothers who find themselves living an incredible story from which they will learn an important lesson: you should eat the right amount of everything at the table! Not too much, not too little!
This is why we wouldn’t opt for an endless encyclopedia on pediatric nursing, just Three dogs!

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