Secret codes

There are a lot of psychological aspects one must consider when developing an app. It might look like something mechanical: just a question of following a bunch of programming rules. Instead, it is much more complex than what one could think.
A much deeper question than the one you were expecting hides behind every bit, every corner of the process.

You have some panels in front of you, true. In front of the panels, however, there are people. Children, too. People that might be very different from us – as we work with apps -, or who think in a completely different way. These people might be looking for a different way to surf and interact with the panels, they might have something we would never have imagined in mind. Predicting what they are expecting is our task.
No mind reading or unsettling control over anybody’s thoughts. Just simply trying to understand how to make everybody’s job and game easier. We work to simplify: it seems easy…!
We experience it everyday. For instance, we were dealing with a question that rose quite spontaneously today, while writing the app’s instructions. Do people use a handbook or not? Does someone actually read it or does the vast majority of people just make it up as they use the app? In other words, how many people like to have a reassuring handbook to consult and how many people prefer doing it all by themselves?
Another intriguing question came our way regarding animation. Some of our animations need active players. So be prepared! It takes careful research to understand if all possible animations on a given panel have been found. So what if one doesn’t spot them all out? Hence, this is the question: should we add something to show where the animations are – so you can’t miss them – or should we leave it to your spirit of adventure, dear readers? Knowing, of course, there will be as many Indiana Jones out there as there are Winnie the Poohs.
Thus, the issue takes on a more intriguing connotation, it is now on a higher level. As high as Tab the white bat can fly. This is what we love about our job.
All you need to do if you want to know what we will finally decide is download our first app… Be patient just a little longer, we’re almost done!

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