Happy Labour Day!

To all our friends, fans & co. – on this and the other side of the ocean – to those who work late and to the idlers, to those who have just come back from holidays and those who haven’t left, to the ones that are constantly checking their blackberries and the ones who regularly miss about 15 calls a day… To all of you, happy labour day!
Warning: this is not a formal, commercial or convenient greeting.
Today, we wish to remind everybody that a balance between what’s inside our homes and what happens outside is truly possible. We can carry out our job – any job – with passion and strength, enthusiasm and commitment, with the intent of making the people around us happy (clients, suppliers, colleagues, family, –
it’s not nice to avoid them or pretend they don’t exist although they can be pretty annoying at times!), to evolve and make sure others can, too.
Warning n° 2. When we say we do things out of love, we’re not just addressing people looking after children in critical care: we’re talking about every kind of work. Writing a blog, making deliveries, moving furniture, cashing out at the supermarket, managing a newsagents and fighting the early morning paper jackals or selling wardrobes.
Making the day – life? – of other people better is possible. Are you ready to bet our own will improve as well?
We believe it! So, rather than a happy holiday, we wish you all the best in your work!

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