October 4th. It is World Animal Day today!

As you can well imagine, we want to throw the best party ever for each one of our animals here in Joy Tales – there are lots of them!
So give way to the total chaos that every party brings.
“Who shall we invite? How many will come? Will they destroy the house? Where can we put all the new presents? Just how many things can a little child do with only two hands?”. Above all, the eternal debate: do we order take-away food or make everything ourselves? Then, we get really depressed when we see the devilish little creatures prefer a bowl of chemical crisps – that have seen a potato only once and that was a photograph – to a delicious homemade pie!

We have the answer to the great dilemma: at the end of the day, the best way to solve any problem is to hand it over to somebody else, isn’t it?! So, to make sure the celebration is really special, we are asking for your help!
Help us choose a birthday cake for all our animals: Tab, Camelia and the Three Prairie Dogs!

Send the secret ingredients of your favourite desserts – or drawings, video, photographs, recipes and any kind of proposal you can think of – to tamtam@desdoo.com!

A piece of advice: the Three Prairie Dogs love cheese cake and Camelia likes any pudding with ricotta cheese! Indulge!

The best and most original ideas will be published on our Facebook page and the winners – chosen by our jury of expert animals – will receive a special thank you, with the autograph of your favourite Joy Tales character!
Let’s not waste any more time and get to work: grandparents, parents and children, babysitters and teachers, everybody!

PS: It’s not to play smart, but it’s also Saint Francis’ day today… who certainly had a special feeling with animals! So best wishes to everybody named Frances/is!

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