And so it is, our animals have given in to the idea of dressing-up, too, just for fun.
We’ve let them, but only for today. Then, quickly back to their usual habits, back to their respective stories and normal routine. Tab with his unmistakable white coat, Camelia with her brown patches.

Like jokes, never take a party too far! If it were an everyday thing, what fun would there be?!
Now, you know we like to go against the tide. Because of this, to keep well-trained, we would like to suggest an alternative way to celebrate Halloween. WEEN-HELLO-GOODBYE
more like it, sending tricks and treats back overseas – where they came from.

Here are five good alternatives:

- Why cut the poor pumpkin? Why not make a delicious soup, or gnocchi, or biscuits… free the chef inside you! We assure you the pumpkin will be happier… and you will, too, when you’ve eaten it!

– Dedicate some thought to those who cannot hold our hand, teach us to cross the road or read us a story anymore, but are still close to us everyday – though we sometimes forget…

- Challenge time and enjoy this fantastic autumn! Do not buy orange paper chains! Dive into the fallen leaves instead: you won’t find a better color in any stationary store!

- Make the most of this long week-end staying with your family, including grandparents, uncles and aunties. If you are not outdoor people, read one of our stories together!

- For those who just cannot do without dressing-up, today is the right time to dig out auntie Elsie’s old hats from the wardrobe, grandma Bronwyn’s set of sheets – although she might turn in her grave. Still, you will show how original you can be!

Don’t let other people fill your time and your space! C’mon, get busy and ignore ready-made alternatives.
Here in JT we like to ask ourselves about things instead of taking them for granted, and we would like to trigger the same curiosity in others as well, grown-ups and children.

If we manage, even with only one of you, Halloween will surely have a different taste!

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