Like a (prairie) dog

Teletext – subtitles to the video

I’m off.
Wait, where are you going?
I’ve got some important business to take care of. Duty first.
What if it’s dangerous, don’t you care about me? Do you really want to leave me here on my own?
My siblings are in trouble and I must run. It’s in the DNA of family relationships, it is true for prairie dogs as well.
I’ll come with you.
It’s out of the question. Give me a kiss and let’s get this heartbreaking good-by over and done with. We’re on camera, they’re recording us… We’re not show-offs! Let’s show some aplomb.

(she remains silent, racked by this farewell. He sweetly kisses her nose, as if it were the only part of her face showing between a hat and a scarf in a cold winter afternoon)

Prairie dogs are not common animals.
Bet you any money half of you, as we’re writing this, have already searched to see what they look like. Still, here’s a live moment of the life of one of them, it could be Fine. It’s a stolen and tender moment, like a scene inside a train station, at the bus stop or in an airport, one that everybody has lived.
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