Universal Children’s Day

Hear ye, hear ye! We’ve been told it’s universal children’s day today.
With a mild guilty feeling because we knew nothing about it, we quickly got some information: the usual rights, the same old words and talks heard over and over again.
Please excuse our slight cynicism, but the guilty feeling didn’t take much to vanish.
Excuse us – once again – for lacking of tact, but everyone has their talents and relative applications.
This is why we, artisans of stories and animation, prefer to take care of children everyday, with no particular need for an international day. Rather, we choose to do it by keeping aside and looking after the details.
We have them in mind when we are thinking of the most adapt words for a story, for a character, to describe a complicated situation or to avoid giving in to the easier solutions. We think of them when we put colors together, choose fonts, draw a character for the first time and when we correct, for the millionth time, a small detail that just won’t fit.
We think of their mums and dads, while they run – late – from their offices, while they fall asleep reading a story, too tired to even talk like an adult. We think of what we can do to help them, in our own small way.
Children are our hobbyhorse during meetings to decide on animation. How can we be funnier? More suitable for children? More stimulating?
And so on for the videos, soft toys, cards, games, audio…
We know we are just an infinitesimal part of it all, but aren’t we supposed to start from a little corner in order to get things done and do them well?!

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