Keep at it!

To all our readers, to those who follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, to the ones that have already downloaded our app and have had fun reading the story about Tab over and over again with their children:
we invite you to keep spreading the word around!

From criticism to advice, everything is well-accepted: we need you for us to get better and better!

Keep on following us, make comments in the AppStore or on our blog, on the social networks, suggest the app to friends, family, uncles, grandparents and anyone who has kids around them!

Our aim is clear: we want to reach everybody!

We are making an appeal to finish with: Tab is not the only one, don’t forget about Camelia and the Three Prairie Dogs… they would be very disappointed!

They’re all waiting for you in the AppStore and if they ask you a small contribution it’s for the travel expenses… You know, tickets are not so cheap from Africa and the American Prairies!

It’s worth it. You won’t be disappointed!

Now in Italy, too!

For everybody who has been waiting for us, who have asked us over and over again “when will you be out in Italy?!”, for everyone who has shared the journey with us, who believed in us even before touching one complete story with their own hands, finally we can say:
Joy Tales is now out in Italy, too!

So, just a few words and lots of facts. We want all the work we have done up until now to tell you about it. We don’t want to say anything, we’ll have lots of time to do that. We don’t want to waste any more of your time: you have something more important to do now:
download Joy Tales, read, play!

Three dogs ate my homework

No mythological encyclopaedias, no door-to-door sales, nor hundreds of yellowed pages. Our three dogs will only eat what they are supposed to from now on, rather than bulky volumes that probably never get opened anyway. The three dogs of the future are inside an app!

For all the mums and dads who, every evening and lunchtime, get worn out over red and white checkered battle fields, with forks and spoons as weapons, and finally end up making a retreat… here comes the first story thought up to favor a good relationship with food, preventing eating disorders from an early age.

We’re talking about The Three Prairie Dogs, the third JoyTale available in the AppStore. Just remember to get your iPad, download Joy Tales, The Three Prairie Dogs and start playing!

PS: Don’t forget to wash your hands before sitting at the table!

Oooh Mexico

This message is as short as it is intense.
We’ve been listed among the “New and Noteworthy” apps in the Mexican App Store! What great satisfaction!! Thank you for downloading!
The three prairie dogs are holding a sign that says “Queremos mas!”.
This is an appeal, all of you get ready! Not just our Mexicans, but also Italians – we’re on our way, hold on just a little bit longer -, Americans, Bulgarians, Koreans… everybody!
We intend to rise in the ranks until we reach the clouds, and beyond, but we won’t go far without your help. Start the rumor mill!

Happy Labour Day!

To all our friends, fans & co. – on this and the other side of the ocean – to those who work late and to the idlers, to those who have just come back from holidays and those who haven’t left, to the ones that are constantly checking their blackberries and the ones who regularly miss about 15 calls a day… To all of you, happy labour day!
Warning: this is not a formal, commercial or convenient greeting.
Today, we wish to remind everybody that a balance between what’s inside our homes and what happens outside is truly possible. We can carry out our job – any job – with passion and strength, enthusiasm and commitment, with the intent of making the people around us happy (clients, suppliers, colleagues, family, – Learn More