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One of our principles is to try and give recognition to others who have done a good job, too. This is why we wish to point out Hocusbookus and their Mr Sandman. Read this story before going to sleep and it will chase off even the most relentless remnants of fear of the dark.

The night is exactly what IT’s all about. Just how many times have your children begged you not to switch off the light and to sleep in your bed? Their bedrooms are infested by monsters that seem to be hiding everywhere! Under the bed, behind the curtains and inside the wardrobe: every corner of the room has been besieged! Any attempt at trying to talk them out of it is in vain.

We know it well here in Joy Tales. This is why we have thought of the perfect night-time story: The Naughty Fireflies. For all the parents who wish to sleep at night and for all the children who, instead, have no intention to!

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All of us have taken a train at least once in our lives.
And all of us know about the inevitable hang-ups this may cause.

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Forget the abacus, rulers and complicated games to learn how to count.
All you need are twenty fingers: yours and your child’s, and an iPad, of course. Learn More

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Have you always thought that letters are made to stay still and quiet so we can learn just by looking at them, stuck in big frames on the walls of schools?
It’s not like that!

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It is a known and proven fact that geckos no longer live only in the countryside. Indeed, nowadays, who can afford not to have a pied-à-terre in the city as well, for all eventualities?
In fact, you can meet Jecko – one of the characters in Joy Tales – not only by downloading our app, but also on the walls in cities now.
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