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Do you think there are no more monsters to be invented? None that can surprise and frighten you again? Forget your “usual monsters” – they have become so familiar you could even invite them round to dinner – and get ready to be the next “monstrologists”!
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The icon is sacred!

An icon is an icon. It is destined to last in time, created to be in the lead, made over and over again until it is nothing but perfect. This is what happened to ours, too. “Perfectionists” you could say.
It’s true, we are… a bit. But how can we be blamed?! An icon is not a paper handkerchief you blow your nose with once and then throw away. We must live with it for quite a while, it should represent us. You don’t think we’re the type to be easily contented, do you?!

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Forget about flowers and sunshine, stylized little men and pretty houses! We’re talking serious business here. This is about drawing monsters and trains. A couple of posts ago we were talking about children and their creative flair: well, Learn More