The power of “thanks”

Today, we want to thank all the people who are giving us support.
The ones that are doing it from a distance, those who are close to us everyday, who have written about us, downloaded our app, suggested it to a friend, written a review, trusted us straight away buying the second story, encouraged us by passing the word.
In short, we would like to thank whoever talks or has talked about us! Really, thank you!
Having said this, we would like to seize the opportunity – as usual here in Joy Tales – to send out a social message, starting a bush telegraph to make everyday life easier for everybody. Learn More

AAA Summer refuge wanted

It is a known and proven fact that geckos no longer live only in the countryside. Indeed, nowadays, who can afford not to have a pied-à-terre in the city as well, for all eventualities?
In fact, you can meet Jecko – one of the characters in Joy Tales – not only by downloading our app, but also on the walls in cities now.
You don’t believe it!? Learn More

We’re happy to introduce you to…

…the main character of our fifth story: BUMPY!
We are now in the deep blue sea, ladies and gentlemen. Bumpy is a Humpback whale – a whale with a hump on its back! Actually the humps and bumps are all over her big, big body. In fact, this is where she gets her name… and her problem from. All the bumps on her have shaken the self-esteem of our little – so to say – whale! Lucky we arrived! Are you curious to know why?! You’ll soon find out!

News from the front

Yes, from the front, because our desks are beginning to look like trenches.
Work is on the go: there are more and more bloggers to be found, the right ones, not the first ones we come across, not randomly; there are e-mails to be personalized – we don’t like the idea of serial writing: how could we when our job is to write stories for children? We need to find who shares our same projects and ideals and get in touch with them.
We must acknowledge the fact that there will always be a better method than the one we’ve just adopted, tested, experimented and that everybody recommended; there will always be a more beautiful picture than the one we have chosen or a more functional programme than the one we’ve just bought. Never mind: Learn More

Downloaded for you


PRICE 0,79 euro
Do you think there are no more monsters to be invented? None that can surprise and frighten you again? Forget your “usual monsters” – they have become so familiar you could even invite them round to dinner – and get ready to be the next “monstrologists”!
Are you wondering how? Learn More