Little book of etiquette

Think of all the rules our children must put up with in their first years of life!
They risk being completely overwhelmed by mustn’t-be-dones and similar pleasantries.

STOP! Don’t get us wrong: we are great fans of rules. We need them to keep order; they are character building; they make us understand the value of waiting and discipline; they help us accept the fact we cannot always do what we want because there is a right time and way to do everything.
What if rules didn’t hit children full-on like bricks for a change? How about making them a bit lighter to digest? Wouldn’t that be better?!
This is why we ha we gone wild!
6 cards with our animal characters: here’s our little book of etiquette for children!
Collect all 6 of them!
Place them in the hall where you hang your coats, or in the bathroom near the toothbrushes!
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Our first focus group

We chose this lucky little girl to experiment our app – to be honest, she’s a bit younger than the ideal target but definitely very smart. This is what she did: danced, laughed, sang, had a chat with all the night animals, blew raspberries, tried to convince some spiders and gave lots of kisses here and there.
The result?! Love at first sight!
The video says it all!

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It’s them again, those geniuses: Moonbot! After Morris and his fantastic books, they’re giving us a beautiful story: a genesis about how the alphabet started. Learn More

Words are important

Confucius said “without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men” and we agree with him.
So, who said that children cannot but repeat the same 10 words all the time, just enough to express what they have to say, to be understood?
Who said that writing must necessarily be elementary for them?
Learn More