Like in any other fairy-tale worthy of this name, it isn’t just the main characters to attract all the attention: the other roles are just as important!
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Independence Day

That’s right, it’s a federal holiday in America today, celebrating and commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776, when the Thirteen Colonies declared independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
So give way to fireworks, barbecues, patriotic picnics and real American cheesecake.
But, between a hotdog and the wave of a flag, let’s widen the prospective and talk about the daily stages of independence, the ones that touch and trouble our day-to-day life.
It’s not that we’re becoming obsessive about parenthood, putting mummies and daddies everywhere like parsley. It’s life itself that passes by them, their sleepless nights, their patience and their hassles: talking about them is inevitable. It’s all part of the package-deal parents accepted when they said yes for the very first time.
So, to those of you who have small children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces, if you are babysitters, or if you complain about your neighbours’ children shouting as if they are being sacrificed at night, whether you are American, Nepalese, Indian or Russian, to those of you who are not parents, or are about to see their dream come true, or are still waiting: we want to wish you all a great day today.
Because parents – or whoever on their behalf – are the true artisans of independence.
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Our first focus group

We chose this lucky little girl to experiment our app – to be honest, she’s a bit younger than the ideal target but definitely very smart. This is what she did: danced, laughed, sang, had a chat with all the night animals, blew raspberries, tried to convince some spiders and gave lots of kisses here and there.
The result?! Love at first sight!
The video says it all!

Genesis of a wizard

Who said that toads only become charming princes? Stop! We’ve had enough of this story. Indeed, our trustworthy toad would never swap his place with that of a blond prince with blue eyes… and he has more than one good reason not to do so! His name is Wart!

Right, it is important for stories to have points of reference, Learn More

Updating of the works: Jecko the gecko!

Some time has passed since we last updated you about what’s brewing.
Our fourth story is about Jecko, the gecko!

Children naturally tend to get poorly, don’t they? In addition to all the external factors (too hot, too cold, too sweaty!), Learn More