Genesis of a baddie

The sketches we pinched a couple of days ago were not enough. No, no.
This is why Riccardo – our illustrator, far-sighted indeed – prepared a surprise both for you and for us. And, of course, for children.
Since – and we’ll never get tired of saying it – the most important thing for us is to stimulate their creativity and serenity, we intend giving you some tools of the trade.
How is a character born?!

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Lot, Few and Fine

If you’re having trouble setting the rule of eating a bit of everything with your children at the table, and each time you must get ready to a battle of “one more spoonfuls” (implored like a death row person cries out for mercy) try reading them the story of the three prairie dogs, Fine, Lot and Few…

Bet you any money they will think twice before eating too much or too little again!
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Shall we start getting used to the idea?

Bear with us just a bit longer, hold on! We’re almost ready! For the time being, we’ll keep on giving you little hints of what’s brewing. First of all: how do you recognize our application?! What’s the Joy Tales flag?

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Words are important

Confucius said “without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men” and we agree with him.
So, who said that children cannot but repeat the same 10 words all the time, just enough to express what they have to say, to be understood?
Who said that writing must necessarily be elementary for them?
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