News from the front

Yes, from the front, because our desks are beginning to look like trenches.
Work is on the go: there are more and more bloggers to be found, the right ones, not the first ones we come across, not randomly; there are e-mails to be personalized – we don’t like the idea of serial writing: how could we when our job is to write stories for children? We need to find who shares our same projects and ideals and get in touch with them.
We must acknowledge the fact that there will always be a better method than the one we’ve just adopted, tested, experimented and that everybody recommended; there will always be a more beautiful picture than the one we have chosen or a more functional programme than the one we’ve just bought. Never mind: Learn More


We are bloodhounds here in Joy Tales: we are trained to always follow the right track!
No joking, when the talk is about children, learning and words we feel quite involved because of our dear Camelia and her story, which was thought up to help children master language.

Leave it to the experts to say how many words a child should know and pronounce at the age of 2, 30 months or 15 days and let’s concentrate on what we think is of the most value in this article…
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Shall we start getting used to the idea?

Bear with us just a bit longer, hold on! We’re almost ready! For the time being, we’ll keep on giving you little hints of what’s brewing. First of all: how do you recognize our application?! What’s the Joy Tales flag?

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CAMELIA, the giraffe

We have often spoken about Tab, the white bat – the main character of our first story. We have not yet told you, though, about Camelia, our giraffe. Everything is almost ready, but we would like to show you our very first sketches. Kind of like our Genesis…

Here are some of the stars of our second app at their very beginning, including the main character, Learn More