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We all know that children don’t like it when it’s time to say good night, especially when it comes to switching the light off.
Everybody has their ritual: a glass of milk, clean your teeth, let’s read a story – maybe read another! -, the goodnight kiss. You know as well as we do how hard it can be, like a football match going into extra-time, negotiating more cuddles or trips into the big bed – it all depends on your reserve set of rules.
When even your exceptions to the rule don’t seem to convince the children about switching the light off to surrender to darkness – while you, instead, are about to collapse on their bed – Learn More

A story

A kiss. Lights off.

What’s the matter?
Read me a story.
Maybe later.
Mummy, please. Under my bed there are…
Under the bed there’s dust, the things you leave around instead of tidying up. There might also be some crumbs.
There are monsters, I’m telling you.
Why should there be monsters under the bed?
They envy me because of the stars I have on my ceiling and they want to put them out.
Really? How naughty of them.
Read me a story mummy… It’s important.
Why is it so important?
It’s important because the good things you read me beat the bad thoughts I’m afraid of.
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