Little book of etiquette

Think of all the rules our children must put up with in their first years of life!
They risk being completely overwhelmed by mustn’t-be-dones and similar pleasantries.

STOP! Don’t get us wrong: we are great fans of rules. We need them to keep order; they are character building; they make us understand the value of waiting and discipline; they help us accept the fact we cannot always do what we want because there is a right time and way to do everything.
What if rules didn’t hit children full-on like bricks for a change? How about making them a bit lighter to digest? Wouldn’t that be better?!
This is why we ha we gone wild!
6 cards with our animal characters: here’s our little book of etiquette for children!
Collect all 6 of them!
Place them in the hall where you hang your coats, or in the bathroom near the toothbrushes!
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