Happy Labour Day!

To all our friends, fans & co. – on this and the other side of the ocean – to those who work late and to the idlers, to those who have just come back from holidays and those who haven’t left, to the ones that are constantly checking their blackberries and the ones who regularly miss about 15 calls a day… To all of you, happy labour day!
Warning: this is not a formal, commercial or convenient greeting.
Today, we wish to remind everybody that a balance between what’s inside our homes and what happens outside is truly possible. We can carry out our job – any job – with passion and strength, enthusiasm and commitment, with the intent of making the people around us happy (clients, suppliers, colleagues, family, – Learn More

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We all know that children don’t like it when it’s time to say good night, especially when it comes to switching the light off.
Everybody has their ritual: a glass of milk, clean your teeth, let’s read a story – maybe read another! -, the goodnight kiss. You know as well as we do how hard it can be, like a football match going into extra-time, negotiating more cuddles or trips into the big bed – it all depends on your reserve set of rules.
When even your exceptions to the rule don’t seem to convince the children about switching the light off to surrender to darkness – while you, instead, are about to collapse on their bed – Learn More

To all mothers

We wanted to form a united front with those who – like some of us – forgot to say Happy Mother’s Day to their mums!
We don’t want to justify ourselves, but dates are on our side and that’s a fact: Mother’s Day is on a different day in many parts of the world (here you can find when precisely http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother’s_Day). So, it seems to us that what’s important – apart from the day, the date, the country – is the thought!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums out there (especially to those who read us!).
From Tab, of course, and all of us at Joy Tales!

Secret codes

There are a lot of psychological aspects one must consider when developing an app. It might look like something mechanical: just a question of following a bunch of programming rules. Instead, it is much more complex than what one could think.
A much deeper question than the one you were expecting hides behind every bit, every corner of the process.

You have some panels in front of you, true. In front of the panels, however, there are people. Children, too. People that might be very different from us – as we work with apps -, or who think in a completely different way. These people might be looking for a different way to surf and interact with the panels, they might have something we would never have imagined in mind. Predicting what they are expecting is our task. Learn More

Lot, Few and Fine

If you’re having trouble setting the rule of eating a bit of everything with your children at the table, and each time you must get ready to a battle of “one more spoonfuls” (implored like a death row person cries out for mercy) try reading them the story of the three prairie dogs, Fine, Lot and Few…

Bet you any money they will think twice before eating too much or too little again!
Dinner time. Learn More