Shall we start getting used to the idea?

Bear with us just a bit longer, hold on! We’re almost ready! For the time being, we’ll keep on giving you little hints of what’s brewing. First of all: how do you recognize our application?! What’s the Joy Tales flag?

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Words are important

Confucius said “without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men” and we agree with him.
So, who said that children cannot but repeat the same 10 words all the time, just enough to express what they have to say, to be understood?
Who said that writing must necessarily be elementary for them?
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I’m not old enough

Joy Tales are suitable for all kids from the age of six months to six years.
The reason for such a wide range is very simple: every child is able to elaborate the story he listens to depending on the understanding that has been developed, on knowledge, on experience.
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Joy Tales: instructions for use

Getting used to do without a nappy, accepting differences, overcoming shyness, having trouble sleeping, learning to understand rules – to accept them better – getting a good relationship with food, facing the inevitable “I-say-lots-of-bad-words” period, without using bad language, of course!

Who said the life of a child is always downhill? And, most of all, who said that good-night stories cannot clear up problems?

Think of a child. Think of a problem. Think of a story. Not any old story, though: the right story.
Give it a shake, shake, shake – possibly with your iPad.
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