Our first focus group

We chose this lucky little girl to experiment our app – to be honest, she’s a bit younger than the ideal target but definitely very smart. This is what she did: danced, laughed, sang, had a chat with all the night animals, blew raspberries, tried to convince some spiders and gave lots of kisses here and there.
The result?! Love at first sight!
The video says it all!

Shall we start getting used to the idea?

Bear with us just a bit longer, hold on! We’re almost ready! For the time being, we’ll keep on giving you little hints of what’s brewing. First of all: how do you recognize our application?! What’s the Joy Tales flag?

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TAB: free hand interpretation

The speaker is reading Tab’s adventures over and over again in a recording studio, in Italian this time, and someone quietly gives way to their imagination, trying to express what the little bat looks like!

Here is a free hand interpretation of Tab, produced while the speaker read our stories. You can see him on the right, while he tries to fly towards the castle. What do you say, does it stir your imagination?!