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One of our principles is to try and give recognition to others who have done a good job, too. This is why we wish to point out Hocusbookus and their Mr Sandman. Read this story before going to sleep and it will chase off even the most relentless remnants of fear of the dark.

The night is exactly what IT’s all about. Just how many times have your children begged you not to switch off the light and to sleep in your bed? Their bedrooms are infested by monsters that seem to be hiding everywhere! Under the bed, behind the curtains and inside the wardrobe: every corner of the room has been besieged! Any attempt at trying to talk them out of it is in vain.

We know it well here in Joy Tales. This is why we have thought of the perfect night-time story: The Naughty Fireflies. For all the parents who wish to sleep at night and for all the children who, instead, have no intention to!

If the nights in the big bed start tuning into a routine Learn More

Parallel lives

You think you have nothing in common with caterpillars, don’t you?
Ironically, you’re wrong.

Seven o’clock in the morning. Somewhere in the universe, in a house, an alarm clock starts ringing.
If there are small children around, waking-up time tends to be the same all over the world. Learn More