Updating of the works: Jecko the gecko!

Some time has passed since we last updated you about what’s brewing.
Our fourth story is about Jecko, the gecko!

Children naturally tend to get poorly, don’t they? In addition to all the external factors (too hot, too cold, too sweaty!), Learn More

Genesis of a baddie

The sketches we pinched a couple of days ago were not enough. No, no.
This is why Riccardo – our illustrator, far-sighted indeed – prepared a surprise both for you and for us. And, of course, for children.
Since – and we’ll never get tired of saying it – the most important thing for us is to stimulate their creativity and serenity, we intend giving you some tools of the trade.
How is a character born?!

Here’s the answer. Learn More

The other half of the sky

Oh, oh. We realize we made a mistake. Nothing that can’t be put straight, but better clear things up immediately.
Often, far too often, we talk about mums, mums, only mums. Giving the impression they are practically the only ones able to choose the right app for their children and try it with them.

What about the other half of the sky? What about dads? Learn More

Lot, Few and Fine

If you’re having trouble setting the rule of eating a bit of everything with your children at the table, and each time you must get ready to a battle of “one more spoonfuls” (implored like a death row person cries out for mercy) try reading them the story of the three prairie dogs, Fine, Lot and Few…

Bet you any money they will think twice before eating too much or too little again!
Dinner time. Learn More


The night has always had its charm.
Do those who work ’till late think so, too?

We don’t like playing the martyrs, we like our job and the passion we live our lives with is the very same we put in Joy Tales. Just like in the best stories, when the protagonists have a clear aim to accomplish – one in which they believe, etc., etc. – systematically, all sorts of problems start pouring on them. Technically, they are called “complications”; a word that is not very technical at all.
Anyhow, no matter what we call them – problems or complications – there is no way we can avoid them.
Surely it has happened to you as well: it’s just one of those things.
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