Joy Tales is a project created by a team of experts – a neuropsychiatrist opens the line-up, an animation designer team closes it – to accompany children and see they grow up serenely. Our key-words are learn and have fun!

The tales are based on interactive use: children take part in the story from the very first panel, making it up with their own hands. They can listen to the story read by the narrator voice or directly by mummy and daddy – parents can also record their voice just in case they get a sore throat! Furthermore, kids can invent the plot or add pieces and games to it.

If you are curious and want to discover the work behind the scenes of Joy Tales, have a look at our blog.









Laura De Laurentiis
Writer and journalist

She is an expert on everything concerning childcare. She collaborates with a number of national newspapers and she is the author of many manuals. She has two children, two dogs (a crossbreed and a wire-haired dachshund) and, since September 10th, is Tommaso’s Grandma.

She took care of drafting the 12 Joy Tales, with the scientific support of Dr. Leo Venturelli and Dr. Angela Raimo.



Angela Raimo
Doctor – child neuropsychiatry – psychotherapist, therapeutic hypnosis specialist

She has an adolescent son and a magnificent border collie.
Her task in Joy Tales was to trace the emotional course of each tale, leading the child towards the goal.



Leo Venturelli

Family paediatrician, he is a member of the “Italian Association of Preventive and Social Paediatrics” Executive Council, of the “National Counselling Commission of the Italian Paediatrics Association” and of the “Italian Federation of Paediatric Doctors Quality Office”. He is father of two daughters and Giulia’s Granddad since September 24th. He has not had dogs over the last few years.

His role involved supervising the tales under a strictly medical criteria. He supplied information about the main topic of each story.